The Design & Emotion Society

Thought you may be interested in a fantastic FREE association called The Design & Emotion Society. For anyone involved in product design, research or innovation this society is worth checking out.

What this society aims to achieve is summed up perfectly on their website: 

“The Design & Emotion Society was established in 1999 as an international network of researchers, designers and companies sharing an interest in experience driven design. The network is used to exchange insights, research, tools and methods that support the involvement of emotional experience in product design.”
Many of the board members for this society teach at Delft University – a European institution that's at the cutting edge of innovation and design education. In terms of tangible resources, the picture above is an example of the information they share. It illustrates a research technique called Bodystorming – used here by design consultancy IDEO to generate and test ideas for a new airplane interior.

For more information, or to join, jump onto their website: