Family, Food & Fun: Research on family meals

Back in January 2009, we completed a qualitative research project exploring the topic of food and family meals for the BC Dairy Foundation and the BC Ministry of Healthy Living & Sport.

The existing facts on family meals had already established a link between eating together and a multitude of mental, physical and social benefits. However, in order to properly understand the topic, there was a need to move beyond facts and explore the feelings behind family meals.

Through our research, we found that meals involve much more than food and function, facts and figures. Meals bring together nutrition and emotion in our minds. Meals are about love. Meals are about friendship. Meals are about fun, and, most importantly, meals are about family.

Below is a presentation that shares some of our research on family meals, and the insights it uncovered. If you’d like more information on this research, or tips on how to reconnect family, food and fun, you should check out Better Together BC.