Informer or Meformer: Which twitter type are you?

There was an interesting comment posted yesterday by Bradley Hughes (thanks mate), highlighting a recent study from Rutgers University. 
The study examined the message content of 350 randomly selected twitter users and found two key clusters (or types) of user, Meformers & Informers. 
According to the researchers, "twitter users represents two different types of content camps; the majority of users focus on the self, while a smaller set of users are driven more by sharing information." So the question is, which twitter type are you?


Eric Buchegger said...

Thanks for sharing this, Nick. Personally, I would like to become an Informer, but at the moment I am definitely a Meformer. I would like to spend more time using Twitter to engage others and share relevant and useful information - particularly with regards to the local Vancouver marketing and advertising community.

Nick Black said...

Hey Eric: It’s all about opportunity cost, right? It takes time and energy to add value on Twitter (as opposed to being just another of the meformer majority).