Intensions Study in Men's Health

On April 27, 2018, Men’s Health published an article titled, ‘Millennial Men May Be More Selfless Than Older Generations’. Written by Melissa Matthews, the article was based on the findings from our recent Intensions Consulting and UBC study on The New Values of Millennial Men.

To quote for the article: “When you hear the word "millennial," you might picture a wannabe Instagram influencer who still hasn't moved out of his parents' house five years after graduating college — someone who's fine with being lazy and entitled. But it turns out, today's young men may be anything but. Seeking insights on ways to improve gender-specific healthcare, a recent study asked 630 Canadian men ages 15 to 29 to identify the values they thought all guys should embody. Chief among them were selflessness, social consciousness, and openness - a change from the traditional masculine values of older guys.”

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