The role of research in advertising?

When he’s not busy crafting copy or creating brands, Craig Redmond has been writing some interesting articles for Strategy Magazine. His topic of choice; the role of research in advertising.

To quote from his latest article:

"In this attention-deficit economy, consumers need to feel like they're being listened to and understood more than ever...[this means] mining for those deep psychological triggers and emotional cravings that fuel consumer need. It means finding that product truth that can solder an inextricable bond between a consumer and a brand. But most importantly, it means feeding that insight back in such an engaging way, it feels like they're experiencing their own insight for the very first time."

From these articles, it’s pretty clear that Craig is an advocate of using research as a source of creativity and certainty in advertising. Check out his ideas, and let me know if you have any thoughts on the topic: 

Strategy Magazine, May 2009: 'Here's llama spit in yer eye'
Strategy Magazine, June 2009: 'Mining insights means eating a little coal'