The great brand trust offensive

Last Thursday, the agency Interbrand released their annual Best Global Brands Study. According to Jez Frampton, the Global Chief Executive of Interbrand, their study found “two trends that stand out above others…an increasing requirement for brands 'I can trust', and an exponential shift in social and consumer networking.”

This study, adds to the collection of companies and marketers who are actively exploring the benefits of brand trust. For those with a need to read, below are some recent posts and articles on the topic:

So why all the interest in brand trust? Is trust just another branding buzz word? The answer is no. In fact, according to our recent North American study, brand trust delivers some very tangible business benefits. Below are some examples: 
Figure 1: Brand Trust Study Findings
Based on the findings from our research, I’d have to agree with Jez Frampton. When it comes to building businesses and brands, “it’s all about trust.”