Trendsmap: Tracking trends on twitter

If you’re interested in watching human thoughts as they sweep across the twittersphere, then you should check out this new service called Trendsmap. It’s an application that tracks twitter trends across the globe, and plots them on Google Maps. 

There’s something really powerful about watching a tipping-point occur in real-time. Seeing people in a state, country or community, tweet a word in unison. It’s pretty engaging stuff.

For example, above Australia, one of the key words appearing in the tweet cloud is Vegemite (an iconic Australian product, produced by Kraft Foods). They’ve just launched a new product called iSnack 2.0, which according to the twittersphere, isn't too popular with Australians.
Example Tweet One: “iSnack v2 for vegemite. Now that makes it sound sexy and marketable to a wider audience…NOT”

Example Tweet Two: “LOL at Vegemite now being called iSnack 2.0. I’ll eat my iSnack 2.0 sandwich while texting in my iPhone and listening to my iPod?”

And here are a few traditional media articles, following up on the product launch and subsequent twitter storm: ABC and Crikey