The Five Stages of Travel

Heading into the annual holiday and travel season, I thought you may appreciate a study undertaken by Google on 'The Five Stages of Travel.' While the data itself is relatively bland, the use of infographics managed to engage me in the experience. Happy Holidays.

Stage One - Dreaming:

Stage Two - Planning:

Stage Three - Booking:

Stage Four - Experiencing:

Stage Five - Sharing:


holiday park said...

Thanks for these infographics about travel options. I am intrigued with this kind of thinking.

Nick Black said...

Glad you enjoyed it 'Holiday Park.' I liked the trend towards collaboration in the data; sharing the experience is becoming an important part of the process. Nick.

Thailand Holidays said...

I like the way this presented the stages of travel. It's kinda cool. This made me think of my next travel destination, so I guess I'm currently on stage 1.

cheap flights to Manila said...

I love the idea of making these infographics simple and compelling. I thought that stages can only be seen in the field of medicine and marketing, but look at this, you just made a very factual stages of Travel. The information from stage 1 up to the last stage is indeed true.