Intensions Consulting on Our First Birthday

The start of 2015 was an exceptionally exciting time for Intensions Consulting, with our team conducting research across seven countries and uncovering hidden insights for clients in the health & lifestyle, food & beverage, higher education and financial service categories.

With all the international travel, in-depth interviews and data analysis, we totally forgot to celebrate our first birthday. So now that the dust has settled and the data has been digested, we'd like to share a few birthday facts and feelings.

Intensions Consulting was founded on May 9, 2014, with the aim of helping clients find hidden insights and market opportunities. While many great research firms exist in the world, very few combine statistics and psychology the way that we do. 

It's through this combination of facts and feelings, that we deliver our unique perspective on human experience and behaviour. To quote one of our clients, Dr. Angela Greter, "many research studies have been conducted around the world on consumer preferences and buying behaviour... however, none of these were quite like the research completed by Intensions."

One year on, hundreds of interviews in, thousands of surveys later, we feel honoured and humbled by the incredible staff, partners and clients who have helped to bring Intensions Consulting to life. We would like to thank each and every one of you for your trust, dedication, intellectual power and support - without you Intensions would not exist.

Like an infant Intensions Consulting is rapidly growing, constantly curious, and has an almost limitless capacity for cognitive development. We're excited to celebrate our first birthday, and as a developmental psychologist might say, we can look forward to "assimilating experiences and building new schemas" as we continue to grow.

Happy Birthday Intensions Consulting!