MRIA 2009 National Conference

Last week, I had the opportunity to present at the MRIA 2009 National Conference in Montreal with Sydney Massey, Director of Nutrition Education at the BC Dairy Foundation. Together, we shared the findings from a recent study we completed titled “Eating together: A study of eating behaviour using morphological psychology”.

The conference also attracted an impressive selection of other presenters from North America, all of whom shared interesting insights and research case studies. However (in my opinion), the three presentations that really stood out were:

1. Social Media: The rules of engagement (Jesse Brown - CBC Journalist)

2. The Disloyal Company: Customers are not always disloyal (Dr. Chuck Chakrapani - Ryerson & Dave Scholz - Leger Marketing)

3. Opening portals of observation: Client-ethnographer collaboration in authentic ethnography (AVA Lindberg - SunResearch & Janine Keogh - Kraft Canada

I’ve been reflecting on all three of these presentations, and I’m planning to post a few additional thoughts on their content over the coming weeks.